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Civil helicopter
NA 40 Bongo
Technical specification:  
Never exceeded speed 280 kph
Max. cruising speed 250/ 230 kph
Climb rate 8 mps
Range 500 km
Ceiling 4000 m
Empty 480 kg
Max. take off 950 kg
Disk span 7.48 m
Lenght 6.15 m
Height 2.35 m
Width 1.30 m


Technical Description

The NA 40 Bongo is a two-seater fully-composite very light helicopter powered by two turbo-shaft engines. Its tail rotor has been substituted by a proprietary patented system for complete compensation of momentum (COCOMO).

Fuselage is manufactured from polyamide, nomex, aluminium, glass, carbon fibres and other composite materials. The cockpit, power units and fuel tank are based on a primary composite double curvature monocoque sandwich structure, which is manufactured using high-temperature vacume production technology just like for other primary and secondary composite parts.

The luggage compartment has a volume of 230 litres and is based between the engine compartment and fuel tank, thereby providing a buffer zone in case of engine failure or fire.

Cockpit configuration is equipped with analogue avionics for VFR flights and has dual flight control systems. IFR and "glass cockpit" versions will be developed at a later stage.

The power unit consists of two turbo-shaft engines (twin pack concept). A digital/analogue FADEC computer continuously monitors and controls the unit.

A rubber-textile fuel tank holding 210 litres is based in the lower part of the fuselage.

Three fully-composite rotorblades are fitted in three axes with elastomeric suspensions and have a "safe when damaged"-design.

Bongo's elastomeric rotorhead is designed for maintenance-free service and its conception is similar to the Starflex system.

A unique rocket-powered parachute system can be mounted above the rotor.

Bongo's tail section is equally fully-composite including the stabilisation and compensation elements.

The Bongo is equipped with a fixed-skids landing gear.

There are more than 104 improvements compare to Technology Demonstrator, the most important are:

  • New three-bladed rotor
  • 35% efficiency improvement in COCOMO system
  • Enlarged luggage compartment and internal fuel tank
  • Enlarged cockpit with improved ergonomics
  • Lower empty weight by new composite material mix
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