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Proof of concept
NA 40 Bongo
Technical specification:  
Never exceeded speed 280 kph
Max. cruising speed 250/ 230 kph
Climb rate 8 mps
Empty 440 kg
Max. take off 900 kg
Power Unit  
type/ performance rated-max./ fuel TE50B/55-86kW/JET, JP, RT, TS, PSM, PL
Producer PBS Velká Bíteš Inc., Czech Republic
Disk span 7.40 m
Lenght 5.99 m
Height 2.54 m


The NA 40 Bongo was built in 1997. After a series of ground tests the NA 40 Bongo started tethered hover testing in March 1998 has accumulated 70 hours of operation performing stabilised hover flights with up to 45 minutes duration. The experiences received during test flights were reflected in more than 104 improvements in new design of prototype.

Technology Demonstrator
První brněnská strojírna Velká Bítes, a.s.
LD Aviation Prague
PeckaDesign, s.r.o.