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Light five-seater
NA 542
NA 542
Technical specification:  
Never-Exceed Speed 280 km/h
Max.Cruising Speed 250 km/h
Economical Speed 230 km/h
Climb Rate 7.2 m/s
Range 750 km
Endurance 4 hrs.
Service ceiling 4700 m
Empty (without options) 715 kg
Max. take-off weight 1410 kg
Max. take-off - external load oper. 1635 kg
Maximum internal weight 695 kg
Max. external weight 920 kg
Disk span 8.13 m
Length 6.84 m
Height 2.43 m
Power unit  
Type 2x G-230TS-B1B
Take-off power 2x 230 hp
Fuel 100LL Avgas, Unleaded auto gasoline US: 87, Europe:95


Technical description

NA-542 is a light five-seated twin-engine helicopter. Its tail rotor has been substituted by a proprietary patented system for complete compensation of momentum (COCOMO).

Fuselage is manufactured from carbon fibres, nomex & aluminium honeycombs and other composite materials. The cockpit, power units and fuel tank are based on a primary composite double curvature monocoque sandwich structure, which is manufactured using high-temperature vacuume production technology just like for other primary and secondary composite parts.

Cockpit configuration is equipped with analogue avionics for VFR flights and has dual flight control systems. IFR and "glass cockpit" versions will be developed at a later stage.

Standard HEMS stretcher fits into interior for HEMS missions.

The power unit consists of two liquid cooled turbocharged rotary piston engines(Wankel type) G-230TS-B1B - output 2x230 hp. A digital/analogue FADEC computer continuously monitors and controls the unit.

Four fully-composite rotorblades are fitted in three axes with elastomeric suspensions and have a "safe when damaged"-design.

Helicopter's elastomeric rotorhead is designed for maintenance-free service and its conception is similar to the Starflex system.

Helicopter's tail section is equally fully-composite including the stabilisation and compensation elements.

The helicopter is equipped with a fixed-skids landing gear.


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